Idling Engines

Plastic containers, beads, clips, keys, drum skin, metal trays, takeaway coffee cups, Olive oil can, Aluminum foil, Aluminum pipe, chopsticks, 12v DC motors, cable, electronic sensors

Idling engines (2020) is based on a live performance where Manning sets up numerous tripod stands, wire drops, motors, and speakers. In the process of attaching various objects and in different areas across the acoustic field he plays the items as a percussive arrangement. In this gallery iteration, Manning creates an interactive sound installation where the movements of audience members through the installation field trip off motion sensors that in turn play certain components. Here Manning incorporates unassuming elements one might find in the boot or footwell of a car – objects like coffee cups, paper clips, keys, takeaway container, chopsticks, drink cans – with a variety of beads inside that rattle around giving sound to each element. As each audience member takes a particular journey through the work, they create a unique composition. 

Idling Engines, 2020