Selected critical, media and exhibition texts

The Guardian

”He has a surgeon-like passion for the inner workings of machinery. “When you show a video through a data projector you have predeterminants that technology will produce your artwork out of. I like to start with the technology, start with the machine, and then try and get it to do the things I want it to do.

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Monica Tan


”the pleasure of “Dissonant Rhythms” comes from the change of pace it offers: More often than not, technology is something one must keep up with or even anticipate, but Manning’s work encourages an audience to pause and simply appreciate what they already have.” 

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Emily Wakeling

Spectra. Catalogue essay.

”The wonder of optics – the source of photography and the cinema, among many forms referenced in these works – is as much a matter of concern for art as it science. But the manipulation of contingent light, in Manning’s hands, shades into critique.”

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Danni Zuvela