Wave Opus III

Wave Opus III 2017. Photo: Carl Warner.

Power coated aluminum, timber, acrylic paint, ropes, motors, programming equipment

Following from works of the preceding year, Wave Opus III is the largest of these, made possible through an IMA Commission for the solo exhibition Ross Manning: Dissonant Rhythms. Two eight meter long rows of aluminium tube chimes suspended from the ceiling form a corridor of potential sound in the gallery space. Their bottom margins are cut into speech wave forms representing two statements “There is no accounting for taste” and “With taste there is no dispute”. A consideration of taste, idiosyncracy and personal inclination is a recurrent feature of Manning’s art. In this installation, when a viewer approaches a motion sensor activates motors to rotate a strand of rope that percusses the chimes. In the absence of the artist, the artwork performs on cue. This extends Manning’s previous performances and invention of instrument groups that become more autonomous and self-playing.

Wave Opus III, 2017