spiral sequence

Oscillating fans, LED lights, rope, dowel.

Ross Manning is known for his structures which engage with the fundamentals of physics—matter and motion, space, time, and energy. Spiral Sequence is an early body of work by Manning which subverts the kinetic force of oscillating fans to propel suspended sculptures. This exploration has been a key catalyst for the development of other works such as Spectra, Chronochromie Twins, Memory matrix and antiquity (for synchronised multichannel video), and Fixational Eye amongst others. Spiral Sequence combines led lights and fans to propel motion and transform the qualities of rope.  Drag, gravity, inertia, and other forces all play on the ropes form—elongating the two-dimensional cycle of the spinning fan into the third dimension. A simple line of string succumbed to gravity is transformed into a vortex, wave, or helix like form. Each rapid rotation of the vortex captures a moment of light—deceiving the viewers eye to see a multilayered linework of string.

Spiral Sequence. Video Alex Cuffe
Spiral, 2015. Industrial ceiling fan, swivel, synthetic fabric. Held in the collection of QAGOMA
Large Sprial. installation view GOMA-Q.
Small Sprial. 2013. installtion vew and MONA FONA.
spiral sequence, 2013