LCD, 2013. photo: Richard Stringer.

3 x 3 Video wall, motor, crystal pendant, colour video camera, video scaling equipment.

Fixational Eye deconstructs the visual phenomenon of Rainbow Effect some viewers experience with DLP projectors. It occurs when the viewer’s eye moves, and the brain uncovers the red, green, and blue layers the projector is mixing to create the image. In Fixational Eye a fan is mounted on the ceiling pointing downwards with a length of string attached to the blade. As the fan spins the string transforms into a spiral creating a visual wavelength. A DLP projector projects upwards through the string, with each rapid rotation the string captures a moment of the projected image—breaking apart the colour mixes. The rapid movement and colours captured on this experimental projection surface confuses the brain to create a visually layered and evolving wave of colour.

LCD, 2013