6 short films

Overhead projectors, theater gel, motors, interval timers, rollers

Six Short Films (2016) considered the legacy of Len Lye’s critical work in hand-colouring film emulsion and his important experimentation that revealed possibilities in animation. Here Manning reconfigured static state projectors with apparatus and functions associated with the cinema. As in Lye’s work Colour Box, pure states of colour mix, sliding into and past one another in a column of this directed light energy. Handmade theatre gels edited and spliced together might be described as image-less film. Nonetheless it contains visual elements, highlighting what some might consider flaws like artefact, hairs, fingerprints . In each projector, Manning constructed a motorised conveyer belt that passed loops of collaged cinema gels across the projector surface, throwing saturated coloured light into a corner space to comingle. Each reel is set on a timer to ensure that specific colour mixes are unrepeatable.

6 short films, 2016